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Our service

On arrival at your property and prior to starting your oven cleaning service we will inspect the appliance, checking for damage and faults, any found will be brought to the clients attention before cleaning commences.

We fully protect all flooring and surfaces with dust sheets.

All removable parts such as racks, shelves, sides, pans, trays, fan covers will be removed from the oven and placed in our van mounted dip tank.

The oven door will be removed (if possible) stripped down and separated to enable a deep thorough clean.
The internals of the oven will be thoroughly cleaned using only recommended 100% Eco-friendly solutions.
A further inspection will be taken prior to the operative removing all the appliances parts from the specialised dip tank, the parts will be rinsed with clean water from an additional tank in the vehicle, the parts inspected, and reassembled, the ovens door will be re-hung and the entire appliance will receive the final polish.
All materials and protective coverings will be removed from site and the client will be invited to inspect the appliance. 

What we clean for you

Single and Double Ovens


Electric and Gas Hobs


Extractor filters



We can also replace and supply new light bulbs, order and fit new door seals, as well as replacement parts, glass and handles.

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The benefits of using our oven cleaning

Energy efficiency

A clean oven will distribute heat much more efficiently then a dirty oven, meaning it uses much less energy

Easier cooking

No need to keep opening the glass door, just look through the clean viewing panel.


The accumulation of grease and grime inside a oven and on the hob can present a fire hazard to your home


Harmful bacteria can be hiding in seals and crevices of your oven which can have a direct effect on your health


Unpleasant smells can be eliminated, burnt on foods, build up of grease and fats can leave lingering smells


Extend the useable life of your appliance by having regularly cleaned, at least once a year is recommended